Employee benefits at our company

We are honest and encourage our employees; we adhere to agreements and always pay salaries on time; all our employees have the opportunity to earn a variable salary, depending on the outcome.

We provide the opportunity for continuous improvement, as production workers can refresh their qualifications, gaining a higher category, which provides a higher salary (certifications are held quarterly). We also compensate 50% of the costs of foreign language training; specialists are periodically sent to various trainings and seminars as well as to exhibitions and other companies of similar profile to share best practices.

Newcomers are encouraged, as they are consulted and trained by practising teachers. We also periodically organise the “Newcomer Day”, which introduces newcomers to various topics from a detailed presentation of the company, its values to nuances of quality management and peculiarities of the production process and technology.

We are a team that can not only work productively, but also have fun. Every year we organise:

  • A summer celebration;
  • A Christmas celebration;
  • An Employee Day (an Employee Hour each quarter);
  • An Employees’ Children Day;
  • An Easter candy campaign;
  • A March 8th flower campaign;
  • A Pie Day campaign.

To thank our employees, the company runs “AČIŪ” project, employees receive “AČIŪ” prizes, quarterly “SUPER AČIŪ” and “AČIŪ” awards for demonstrated behaviour that reflects the company’s values, for outstanding results, efforts and initiative. 

On the basis of a collective agreement, we support our employees by grants for their first marriage, child birth, letting their child to the first grade. We also provide support for the development of employees’ children, including clubs, extra-curricular activities. 

We encourage employees’ well-being—every Wednesday, employees receive fruits, we have a health professional who can give a free glucose, cholesterol, body composition analysis, perform vaccination and annual health checks. 

Employees have the right to join organisations protecting their rights and the Company has an independent trade union.