Our values

The ability to grow and the constant pursuit of doing something better than yesterday have been the driving forces behind our organisation’s development.

Everyone working at the company is a furniture manufacturer—this understanding allows us to look for and make decisions that best benefit the company and not each one individual. A sustainable and friendly environment inspires to work.

We are honest with our employees and we work transparently and openly, expecting the same from each other. In our production, we adhere to the principles of fair production and we appreciate the quality of our products and constantly improve it. We are a socially responsible company that honestly pays taxes to the state and we set an example and encourage the formation of an open, reliable society.

We value professionalism in all areas of life. A welcoming approach and experienced staff are the key to our success.

The prevailing free and creative environment encourages employees to generate and implement their own ideas. Variety of knowledge and experience helps to create and implement the most courageous projects and to find the best solutions. As individuals, we respect each other’s differences and are able to work productively together and assume responsibility for the overall results.


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