Ethical principles

Equal opportunities at work

We promote diversity at the company. We have zero tolerance towards discrimination on any grounds—ethnic, gender, sexual orientation, marital or social status, paternity or maternity, religion, political opinion, nationality, disability or age. We guarantee non-discrimination and equal opportunities in all employee management processes, including job vacancies, selection, recruitment, education, and others. 

Respect for human rights

Regardless of whether the employees are temporary or permanent, we treat everyone with respect, without violating their dignity and by guaranteeing basic human rights. We respect the personality and individuality of each employee and encourage the submission of proposals, opinions and comments; in discussions, we use arguments, but not personal preferences or emotions.

Working environment without harassment 

We have zero tolerance towards harassment in any form.

Prevention of child and forced labour 

We do not use child labour—we do not employ anyone who is younger than the statutory minimum age of employment. The company strictly prohibits all forms of forced labour.

Drugs, alcohol and other psychotropic substances at the workplace

Working at the company requires clear thinking and often the ability to react quickly—this not only determines the quality of work, but also on the safety of the colleagues and the worker itself. The effect of alcohol, drugs or misuse of drugs reduces the ability of an employee to perform his duties well, which is why the Company strictly prohibits any abuse of drugs, alcohol or other psychotropic substances.

Occupational health and safety

We commit to ensure our employees a safe working environment. We provide our employees with free personal protective equipment. 

Bribery and corruption

No person employed by the company, directly or indirectly, ask, give or receive any personal payments, gifts or benefits in exchange for favourable conditions intended to affect a business transaction or gain business or personal advantage. 

Company suppliers, sub-suppliers and their business environment 

We ensure that the Company’s business partners, service providers, suppliers of goods or raw materials, as well as suppliers of these suppliers adhere to the same principles on equal opportunities at work, respect for human rights, prevention of harassment and child or forced labour, occupational health and safety, and prevention of the use of drugs, alcohol or other psychotropic substances.