Shares and shareholders


The authorised capital of the Company is divided into 3,886,267 ordinary registered shares. The nominal value of one share equals 1.16 euros. Each ordinary registered share gives the shareholder one vote at the general meeting of shareholders.

The Company's ordinary registered shares (ISIN code LT0000104267) are included in the supplementary trading list of the NASDAQ Vilnius Stock Exchange (BALTIC SECONDARY LIST). They are abbreviated VBL1L. The shares were first listed on 5 June 2000.

Vilniaus Baldai, AB's LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) is 529900MJDB8L13ZF6G26.

Type of sharesNumber of sharesNominal value, EUR.Total nominal value, EUR.Share in the authorised capital, %
Ordinary registered shares 3,886,267 1,16 4.508.069,72 100,00

Company's background

NameJoint stock company Vilniaus Baldai
Legal Form Joint stock company
Code 121922783
VAT payer code LT219227811
Authorised capital EUR 4,508,069.72, divided into 3,886,267 ordinary registered shares of nominal value of EUR 1,16
Registered office Savanorių ave. 178B, LT-03154 Vilnius
Phone +370 5 252 57 00
Date and place of registration 09 February 1993, Vilnius City Municipality
Register in which Company's details are accumulated and stored Register of legal entities
Nature of the main activity Furniture design, production and sale


Opening price 14,000 15,400 14,300 13,500 12,900
Peak price 16,900 17,300 14,600 13,600 13,000
Bottom price 13,100 14,000 13,500 12,800 12,600
Last price 15,300 14,400 13,500 12,900 12,600
Turnover, unit 88 124 40 750 29 361 45 401 1 541
Turnover, million 1,36 EUR 0,64 EUR 0,41 EUR 0,60 EUR 0,02 EUR
Capitalisation, million 59,46 EUR 55,96 EUR 52,46 EUR 50,13 EUR 48,97 EUR

graphic 2

Index/shares01/09/201631/08/2017+/- %
OMX Baltic Benchmark GI 726,92 971,21 33,61
OMX Vilnius 534,13 658,9 23,36
VBL1L EUR 13,700 EUR 13,300 -2,92


Total number of shareholders of the company as of 31 August 2019 - 1262.

As at 31 August 2019, shareholders owned or controlled more than 5% of the Company's authorised capital:

Company names, registered offices, codesOwned shares, unitPercentage of authorised capital, %Share of votes, %
Invalda Privatus Kapitalas, AB, code 303075527, Žalgirio g. 92-901, Vilnius 3 407 135 87,67 87,67

Shareholder meetings

The Company's management bodies are the General Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors and the CEO of the Company. A Supervisory Board is not formed at the Company.

All shareholders of the Company are informed about the date, place and time of the general meeting of shareholders. Prior to the general meeting of shareholders, all shareholders of the Company shall have the opportunity to receive information related to the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders.

Documents prepared to the general meeting of shareholders, including draft decisions of the meeting, are disclosed by the Company through the information disclosure system of NASDAQ Vilnius Stock Exchange. Information is emailed to any shareholder who requests it. This information is also published on the Company's website.

The shareholders of the Company may exercise the right to participate in the general meeting of shareholders either personally or through a duly authorised representative. The Company also allows its shareholders to vote by completing the general ballot paper.

General ballot paper: download

Dec 2020
Resolutions of the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB on 22/12/2020
Nov 2020
Convocation of the general shareholders meeting of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB and draft resolutions
Oct 2020
Resolutions of the General Shareholders Meeting of VILNIAUS BALDAI AB on 8/10/2020