Quality policy

Vilniaus Baldai, AB has implemented and periodically certifies the Quality, Environmental Protection and FSC Production Management System in accordance with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and FSC® (FSC-C104209) standards. We also listen to the customer's environmental, social and working condition requirements when purchasing products, raw materials and services.

By seeking to produce furniture that meet the requirements, we ensure that consumers purchase not only high-quality but also ecologically clean furniture. The team seeks to assess the potential environmental impact as early as possible, which is why we pay a lot of attention to it in the furniture design and production planning stage.

Every year we set environmental goals that help us protect the environment better and more efficiently, for example, economical use of energy resources and raw materials, waste sorting and recycling, and constant improvement of the working environment. In all production and administrative premises, we have containers for sorting waste-everyone is involved and we use different means to constantly strengthen the responsible attitude within the company.

The main objectives relating to quality, environmental protection and FSC® (FSC-C104209) production chain policy:

  • To produce high-quality products.
  • To use FSC® (FSC-C104209) - certified raw materials from responsibly managed forests.
  • To create a safe, healthy and ethical working environment, not to use child labour.
  • To conserve the environment: reduce pollution, consumption of electricity resources, sort waste.

Our certificates