Our policy towards suppliers

In order to achieve the best results and reduce the risk of supply, we always focus on long-term and partnerships with both our main and alternative suppliers. We periodically evaluate our supply partners according to our methodologies and we carry out audits in supplier companies.

Our requirements for raw materials

All products from new suppliers must meet the requirements of our quality management and environmental systems as well as those of IKEA.

The main raw materials used in our production are:

  • Boards (chipboard, finished chipboard, laminated chipboard, oriented strand boards, high density fibreboards);
  • Edge bands (ABS, paper);
  • Paper (honeycomb, balance, newsprint, corners, sheets, pallet sheets);
  • Adhesives (PUR, PVA, melts);
  • Veneer;
  • Finishing materials;
  • Fittings;
  • Kit components.

For more information, please contact:

Mindaugas Svaronas maza p

Mindaugas Švaronas
Head of Purchasing